Exhibition « Diable de Bitter », to 20 April 2014


According to local tradition the name of the famous liqueur Bitter des Diablerets is linked to the games played by the devil among the high peaks of Les Ormonts. This exhibition explores this drink, one of the acknowledged classics of Swiss gastronomy. The visitor can find out more about its history, production and its rich collection of advertising materials. The painter Frédéric Rouge contributed greatly to the product, immortalising the chamois perched in front of the mountains and the blue skies while the devil carries off a bottle of the precious brew.

This exhibition also explores this demonic figure, omnipresent at Les Ormonts in both place names and local legends.

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Panorama – Photographs of Les Ormonts


Visited by tourists for more than 150 years, the valley of Les Ormonts has been an irresistible subject for photographers.  They have left us a lasting record of the glaciers, of the first hotels, and of the alpine shepherds. These images were reproduced on postcards which were sent to share the joy of discovering this intriguing region, to make declarations of love, or to boast about the excellent weather.

Thanks to the large photography collection of the Musée des Ormonts, along with loans from a number of private collections, this exhibition provides a glimpse into the past through a series of unique and unpublished images. It celebrates the work of several photographers who have contributed to our common visual record of the region, especially André Schmid, Emile Busset, David Lavenex, Jean Baudat, Alexandre Genillard and Pierre Izard.

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VOYAGE ALPESTRE : Photographs by Claude Morerod

Local photographer Claude Morerod  has spent more than 45 years in the mountains of Switzerland and Europe, seeking out the wildlife of the high peaks. Above all a spotter, he wasn’t afraid of cold, rain or snowstorm, and spent many long hours happily alone in his hide awaiting the appearance of the wildest creatures.

His photographs continue to be published in Switzerland and Europe. The Musée des Ormonts pays homage to the work of this sadly-departed artist with an exhibition of some of his works.

Photography exhibition by Jean Lugrin


Ormont – hors monts

12 June 2010 – 24 April 2011

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Exhibition « Winter Sports in Les Ormonts »


July 2008 – April 2010

Photographs by Claude Morerod

This winter journey is created using pictures, films, advertisements, oral testimonies and newspaper articles. The objects shown illustrate the development of equipment, from wooden skis to high-tech carving skis, from woolly jumpers to GoreTex jackets.

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Other exhibitions

August 1989, The past at Les Ormonts, Les Diablerets.

Summer 1990, Le Sépey, 150 years of history of the road to Les Ormonts

Summer 1991, Les Diablerets, Label Coucou

September 1991, La Forclaz, 600 years up the mountain!

Summer 1992, Les Mosses, Les Ormonts in pictures, the infancy of tourism

Summer 1994, Les Diablerets, Presentation of the book « La Vallée des Ormonts »

Summer 1996, Les Diablerets, The Alpine pastures of Les Ormonts

Summer 1998 – 1999, Les Diablerets, la Forclaz, Vers-L’Eglise, Leysin, 1798 and Les Ormonts

May – October 2001, Musée du Chablais, Bex, « Claude Nicollier and the adventurers of Chablais »

Winter 2001 – 2002, Vers-L’Eglise, « Claude Nicollier in space »

Winter 2002-2003, Vers-L’Eglise, A look at the architecture of Les Ormonts

March – April 2005, Les Diablerets, Nordic Passion