Extended duration from 3 June to 22 October 2017





Dr Pascal Gertsch, retired GP in Diablerets, has travelled to Mongolia six times. He has brought back some excellent photos which were recently published by Editions Favre in an impressive work named “Mongolie, mon amour”. They depict not only a country of intoxicating and excessive vastness, but also of intense and complicated encounters with its inhabitants.








The Ormont valley

The photographer Christophe Racat has been roaming the Ormont valley for more than 25 years: from the Grande Eau river, via the Cape au Moines, to the summit of the Diablerets ridge. His pictures show the mountains from unexpected angles. They reveal an inquisitive viewpoint, knowledgeable and sensitive to nature, everyday life and mountain heritage.










Projection room

Several old and recent films are shown on the subject of traditional life in the Ormont valley, among others:

- The construction of the Chalet du Rard in 1946 (silent movie)

- A goatherd and a cowherd from La Forclaz and the alpine pasture Perche in 1948 (silent movie)

- Forest exploitation and log transport in the mountains in 1950 (silent movie)

- A school in the mountains (La Forclaz) in 1950 (silent movie)

- Francois Pernet, wood sculptor, by Jacqueline Veuve, 1988 (French version)

- Joseph Doutaz and Olivier Veuve, roof shinglers, by Jacqueline Veuve, 1988 (French version)

- “Valentin, tell us about your passion” by Alain Wenker, 2015 (French version)

- “Change of heading!”, Fanny Henchoz-Ginier, farmer in La Comballaz, by Alain Wenker, 2015 (French version)