Le TransOrmonan – a unique train in a unique location


18 July 2015 and 1, 15 and 29 August 2015

Take a trip in first class, 1900 style. The wooden seats make this original train all the more authentic … A reminder of cherished childhood memories for adults, a fun experience for children, and a must for fans of the trains of yesteryear!


2015 trips

  • 4 and 18 July 2015 and 1, 15 and 29 August 2015
  • Departure: Aigle 10.03 am. Return: Les Diablerets 3.30 pm.
  • Adult CHF 18.–, child CHF 7.–. The return ticket price includes entry to the Musée des Ormonts.
  • Reservations required, at TPC stations. Tel 024 468 03 37, e-mail info@tpc.ch, or visit www.tpc.ch for further information.




100 years of the little railway that could

A.S.D, Aigle-Sépey-Diablerets, 100 years of the little railway that could

The Musée des Ormonts celebrates the turbulent history of this little mountain railway line, which marked its centenary in 2014. Constructing the railway up this steep and rocky valley was a hazardous endeavour for up to 800 workers, with tunnels to bore, bridges to build and and combined road and rail crossing to complete. Regularly threatened with replacement by road traffic, the A.S.D. line is a popular tourist attraction and an indispensable transport link between the valley floor and the mountain.

Photographs, films, models and interactive exhibits transport the visitor to Les Ormonts as a passenger or even driver on the A.S.D. line. Spread over 3 floors, the exhibition is suitable for young and old, and general visitors as well as train enthusiasts.



100 years of the ASD

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