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Advertising poster, Le TransOrmonan, June 2015

A.S.D, Aigle-Sépey-Diablerets, 100 years of a mountain railway line.

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  1. G. Hadorn, Feb 1984. the ASD crosses an avalanche between Vers-L’Eglise and Les Diablerets
  2. Musée des Ormonts, Tourism poster for Les Diablerets, around 1950
  3. Musée des Ormonts, the ASD at Aigle just after 1914
  4. Musée des Ormonts, stationmaster Jean Tille at the station of Vers-L’Eglise
  5. Musée des Ormonts, around 1950, the ASD descending the valley, just before Les Planches
  6. Musée des Transports, Lucerne. The ASD transporting wood at the station of Le Sépey
  7. Musée des Transports, Lucerne. The ASD on the Pont de Vannel, around 1920
  8. TPC, above the castle at Aigle
  9. TPC, Pont des Planches around 1920
  10. TPC, creating the tunnel of the Joux Crat in 1913