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You can join the Association and support its activities by becoming a member for an annual fee of:

  • individual member 30 fr. ( + 1 free entry per year)
  • couple or family 50 fr. ( + 2 free entries per year)
  • business 100 fr. ( + 4 free entries per year)

Send a message to with your first name, surname, and address, and we will send you a membership certificate and the statutes of the Association. You will then be regularly informed of the Museum’s activities. Many thanks for your support!

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    Numerous businesses in the valley support us

    • Altitude Montage Sàrl, Jean-Claude Hefti
    • Alpes techniques Sarl, Philippe Parisod
    • Au Petit Magasin, Anne-Lise Meyer
    • AXA Winterthur, Sandrine Mottier
    • Bar MTB, Marzio Dolci
    • Borghi Construction SA, Les Diablerets
    • Buvette “chez la Julie”, Julie Lhuissier
    • Garage des Ormonts, Roger Durgnat
    • La Forge du Rosex, Julien Ginier
    • Entreprise générale, Philippe Isabel
    • Eurotel Victoria, Stéphane Wartner
    • Garage du Mont-d’Or SA
    • Restaurant “Les Mazots” Nathalie Nicollier
    • Hôtel du Pillon, M. Francis Barlier
    • Banque cantonale vaudoise
    • Laiterie Le Petit Diable, Lucien & Corinne Morerod
    • Jacky Sports, Les Diablerets
    • Hôtel Les Sources, Patrick Grobéty
    • Auberge de la Poste, Alexandre Pichard
    • Savino Sports, Savino Tricarico
    • Bureau d’architecture Jean-Maurice Chevalley
    • L’Ormonan, Françoise et Daniele Luminatti
    • Pharmacie des Diablerets, L et C-A Anker
    • Satellite Denner
    • EFA+C Ingénieurs géomètres, Bertrand Croisier
    • Hôtel garni Le Madrier, Catherine Stiouhl-Cossy
    • Stéphane Piguet SA, Chauffage sanitaire
    • Nicollier Philippe, Charpente Couverture, Le Rosex
    • Solcréation SA, Claude Bovey, Les Mosses


    Thank you to all our sponsors. Their help is essential in allowing us to run the Museum and present the exhibitions that tell the story of the region. Each of our sponsors makes a contribution to the safeguard of the heritage of the area, and we are indebted and grateful to them all.